Don't forget to get excited about the small things.

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My office faces the back of our home and I have windows on either side of my desk, which is so necessary to me. I can look outside and see my garden, the sunshine, and open my windows when the weather is nice. I can also see when the kids are playing outside, or arrive from walking home from school. 

Yesterday morning, just after I sent the littles off to school and sat down at my desk to get to work, I saw my nine year old racing through the back gate and across the yard to the back door. He looked panicked, and I instantly thought that one of the other children was hurt and he had run home for help. Before I could make it into the kitchen, I heard the door open and he shouted, "IT'S A FOUR LEAF CLOVER I FOUND FOR YOU, MOM! IT'S ON THE TABLE!"

four leaf clover

My son had gotten so excited about finding what he thought was a four leaf clover (kinda hard to tell today since it's shriveled, but I don't think it is) that he just HAD to seize the moment and bring it home to me. I love it, and it was so revealing and inspiring to me.

Being an Entrepreneur is Hard

Being an entrepreneur is hard work. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Learning the ropes of business, managing the work, the money, the clients, the advertising is all incredibly challenging, not to mention work-life balance when you have a family. 

Just after my son brought home the four leaf clover and raced back to meet up with his friends, I received a message from a fellow small business owner who owns a doula agency. She was having one of those days where she felt utterly defeated and overwhelmed with the struggle of it all. She was wondering if it was worth it and in that moment was considering throwing in the towel and going back to a 9-5. I did my best to encourage her and remind her to focus on all her achievements and remember that this is hard work and growing a business takes time and dedication.

Don't forget to get excited about the small stuff.

Maybe what you celebrate today isn't a four leaf clover, but I'm sure there is something else for you to get excited about. Maybe it's the fact that you finally launched your website, or got a phone call from a prospective client. Maybe it's the conversation you had with someone while waiting in line at the coffee shop about your small business. Maybe you met someone who actually knows what a doula is and you didn't have to explain for the umpteenth time what you do for a living! Maybe it's the simple fact that today you made the decision to follow your dream. Whatever it is, don't forget to get excited about the small stuff. That's the stuff that keeps us going!