I began my journey as a doula some time before I became pregnant with my first child. I remember listening as a close friend shared her birth story. I encountered a depth and intimacy in this story which was vastly different from any other rendition I had heard. My friend was deeply connected with her experience and with her baby and I could tell it had been a truly life changing experience. Before listening to this breathtaking and magical birth story, most other experiences I had heard went something like, "I went to the hospital, had the baby, and now I'm home." I always felt like something was missing, so I set out to discover what it was.

Shortly after that day, I had the opportunity to attend my first birth, the home birth of another friend welcoming her fifth little one into the world. I was spellbound, and quite frankly, hooked. I knew a doula at the time and began asking her question after question, and reading anything she would give me about birth and babies. I had the privilege of giving birth to my first child with a Certified Nurse Midwife at a hospital, with two incredible women who stood by my side every step of the way. After that, I knew  I had to share that experience with others. I wanted to help women cherish one of the greatest days of their lives, rather than fear it, or seemingly miss it altogether. 

I completed two DONA Birth Doula Training Workshops, in 2007 and in 2012. I completed my doula training just before giving birth to her second little one. I have attended births with other seasoned doulas, and cared for my own clients as an independent doula. My passion in doula work is empowering and equipping women with information about their choices regarding birth. My goal is for my clients to feel ownership of their birth experience and look back on it with a sense of both understanding and wonder, while cherishing it for the very special day it was. I'm confident that by educating women and their families about all they can expect during the birth process, as well as equipping them with an array of comfort measures and labor progression tools, I can help alleviate fear and stress and support the birthing mother most effectively.


I now contract my doula services through Tulsa Family Doulas, and educate parents and doulas through Your Birth Experience, the training system I developed.