"Life is what you make of it. Make honey!"

In 2011, I began a "Mommy Bog" called Honeybee Mama, which grew to become a resource for mothers and childbirth professionals to get education and information about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting, as well as the company through which I have served families as a professional labor assistant, or Birth Doula. The name "Honeybee Mama" was inspired by the meaning of my name, which is Greek for honeybee. The name seemed fitting, as I have always been a "busy little bee," involved in many things, a hard worker, and I love sharing the sweet things of life with others. No, I'm not a beekeeper and I do not sell honey, but she does believe you attract more flies with honey than you do with vinegar!

Shortly after beginning the blog, I was offered a featured blogging position with TulsaKids Magazine and have been a featured blogger ever since. In 2012, I was awarded the Gold Award from the Parenting Media Association.

As the Honeybee Mama brand has grown to involve more of my work, services and products, it seemed like the logical next step was to differentiate Missy's other services and products from the Honeybee Mama persona. The Honeybee Mama website is now exactly what it was intended to be in the beginning: a blog about motherhood, parenting, kids and the adventures Missy has with her family. This is the place where you can read about Life in the Hive, My Recipes, Parenting, Family Night, haiku wednesday, My Moment and much more!

Although my brand has expanded with Your Birth Experience and other ventures, I will always be the Honeybee Mama at heart!